Tango Media Systems

Marketing Tech Division of Centriply. Enterprise-level platform that allows users to produce plans incorporating: mapping, data integration, and ratings delivery to compare and find media opportunities. Dedication to accuracy, multiple client reports and thorough reconciliation support your media decisions.

Cable Scope Inc.

Analytics and Buying Division of Centriply. Driven by Tango Media Suite and 28 years of experience, this specialized agency maps out activation to all means of targeted TV delivery. Cable system addressable, HH addressable, cable interconnects, TV stations, regional sports networks, satellite providers, Telcos, and OTT devices.

Targeted TV Q&A

Can Tango help towards my goal of automation for my media department? Certainly, it can be licensed as a managed service, or a self-serve solution. An internet connection gets you started because it already works today. Used daily for the last 8 years, it’s not vaporware. It’s a validated, transparent, and low risk solution. Contact Us

Why is geography so important below the DMA level? Granular Targeted TV often produces a far greater target impression value for advertisers than just program targeting. We’ve built the foundation for accurate measurement of all media types from the census block up, so you can find out what is available in each ZIP. Contact Us

But I’m a national advertiser, why do I want to geo-target my audience? Network consumption across the whole country is extremely uneven. Tango’s data-driven national TV solution can uncover superior efficiencies. This approach will make a difference in your TV campaigns by:

  1. Reducing out of pocket expense where it’s not necessary, or likely to yield the right audience.
  2. A national level Targeted TV campaign can yield affordable results by targeting specific trading areas/radii across the US. Contact Us

Is Tango Media Suite a programmatic TV platform? Tango analyzes, plans, and executes Targeted TV with data, speed and automation. Our value proposition is derived more from access to a deep inventory pool, than from the current limited programmatic, from the supply side. Contact Us

Is it TV specific, or can it handle other media? TV is our start, but we play well with our media friends. Standard Broadcast/Network TV offerings can be aligned with: Hyper-local Targeted TV, HH Addressable TV, Interconnects, Local and Regional News and Sports, Satellite Providers, Telcos, Gaming Consoles, OTT. Print and radio footprints can be layered in TangoGEO, along with a count of digital/mobile opportunities to fill in the holes. Contact Us

As a marketer, we have lots of CRM data, can you handle it? WE LOVE DATA! Our DSP has several APIs that handle many kinds of data including CRM. Just a sample of what we ingest and process: political affiliation, Census, Lat/Long, Nielsen, Rentrak, Polk. 1st Party: loyalty programs, ticket sales, inventory delivery tracking, search/IP matches, CDC disease states, even weather triggers. We believe data-driven TV plans are supportive of the entire marketing process. Contact Us

But, I don’t have much data, what can the Tango platform tell me? A lot can start with a single address, clusters, a congressional district, or the entire country. Comparing the media options available finds audience targets that will increase your reach. Our data-driven platform can drive far superior results than traditional buying methods. Contact Us

Can my planners and buyers use this? Yes to both. From the “what ifs?” of planning to the CPM goals of buying. Tango changes the advantage to the demand side when you have the information on the whole marketplace. The client’s metrics are applied so only you know what's important. Contact Us

Cable Scope Inc.

Analytics and Buying Division of Centriply. Driven by Tango Media Suite and 28 years of experience, this specialized agency maps out activation to all means of targeted TV delivery. Cable system addressable, HH addressable, cable interconnects, TV stations, regional sports networks, satellite providers, Telcos, and OTT devices.

Activation Q&A

We have a buying department, why do we need you? Great! If your team has the resources they can jump in. Or they may choose to manage the process and coordinate with the other layers of media being used in the campaign. Network or spot groups can then focus on even more business. It's all about taking the friction out of the process. Contact Us

I am looking for a low risk and unique way to make us stand out in a new business pitch, can you help? Cable Scope is all about new ideas, and a different perspective on what Targeted TV can do. As your partner we can set you apart:

  1. Advertisers shed one-size-fits-all methods for media metrics calibrated to selected geo-target.
  2. Marketers are provided with new and comparative metrics for unique positioning. Contact Us

We are a digital advertiser, can Targeted TV be an option for me? Absolutely! Digital brings a data driven, audience targeted approach and optimization ability which unlocks short term goals like sales. Now with applied data at a granular level and tracking of consumption, Cable Scope unlocks opportunities in TV for digital advertisers that have been hidden until now. Contact Us

Who else do you work with? Over 450 of Fortune 1000 brand advertisers and political groups have leveraged Targeted TV activation. Cable Scope works with every type of advertiser and agency, ranging from large holding companies with national advertisers, to medium size agencies and boutique specialists. Our heritage began in geo-targeting for the fast pace of political campaigns and includes an extensive list of partners with commercial accounts and digital technology companies. Contact Us

How do I know where my commercials ran? With proof of performance. By posting against affidavits, using Nielsen reporting, or Rentrak results, you know exactly where they appeared. We are the only independent company in the US that has access to all the cable system footprints across the entire country, regardless of ownership. Advertisers know how many impressions to the target audience are achieved. Contact Us

Are you a rep? No. We consider ourselves "Buyer Without Borders" not limited to DMAs or rep agreements. We don’t purchase and hold media from contracted providers. We work for the advertiser. Contact Us

How are you different from Cadent or the other cheap aggregators? With Centriply and Cable Scope you get:

  1. A data-driven view of how all the systems within all the markets index against your target, not just the ones with inventory deals.
  2. To keep your communications strategy to yourself.
  3. Custom target areas, that can be groups of ZIP codes, counties, states etc. which can be measured and client KPIs reported on to create a full loop of ROI.
  4. The ability to create national or local TV plans and buys driven by client digital signals, or any other 1st party data

Use of the same Experian or Acxiom segments for HH addressable and extend the coverage areas with cable, Telco or Satellite to bridge the gap between HH addressable all the way up to broadcast. Contact Us

Can’t the vendors do this analysis for me? Some reps can do parts of this process. But your strategy and your data are your advantage. Knowing inventory breaks across the most closed segment of media, the cable system addressable systems, gives you—the demand side—powerful capabilities and insights into the media marketplace. Contact Us