Executive Team Members

Targeted TV builds on the power of layered media solutions just as as the building blocks of an effective team start with balanced rolls and clear objectives.

Scott T. Stansfield Co-Founder, President

Independent ad-tech innovator and serial entrepreneur Scott previously developed Tango Media Suite with the belief that an informed media manager is a powerful one. After leading Cable Scope for two decades, he identified the need for next generation data analysis for media professionals.

Shelley Stansfield Co-Founder, Director

Started Centriply in 2015 to combine the power of data, automation and scale to pull the TV advertising process into the future. As a Co-Founder with a mission to provide power to brands, agencies and tech companies in order to benefit from the next wave of Targeted TV. Focused on delivering solutions that create exceptional brand experiences to all size clients throughout the entire video stack.

Leslie Holasek EVP Media services

Leslie is an advertising buying expert. With a career steeped in ad buying as an account manager and spot broadcast director at Independent Media Services, Leslie joined Cable Scope, Inc. in 2007 with an eye for how cable advertising fits into the overall marketing campaign.

Sergey Weiss VP, Software Engineering

Sergey is the architect behind Tango's state-of-the-art technology. With superior insight into directing database structures from his time at Vertis Media, Sergey's specialty is transforming ideas into technology. Always looking for ways to innovate and researching how other people are solving software problems, Sergey directs Tango's software engineers to create a better Tango.

Ed Szumowski Senior Director

Our database mastermind, Ed's specialties in SQL Server administration, testing and maintenance keep the connections straight and the relationships intact to provide the results we rely on. His diligence assure that those outcomes affect our entire process from planning to billing, thereby allowing media professionals to be advertising--not data-- experts.

Jeffrey Lewis Director of Research, Product Development

Jeffrey has been with Tango Media Systems since 2007 with a varied background in data management, integration and analysis. Jeff makes strong connections between client data, process integration, and technology, Jeffrey steers Tangos clients with a deep understanding of the technology.

Justin Keck Group Vice President

As Group VP, Justin manages a team that plans, negotiates and executes television campaigns for clients, ranging from nationwide packaged-goods distributors, live entertainment events, political candidates, retail chains, financial institutions and the automotive industry. He specializes in custom campaigns that take into account the unique viewing patterns in every US television market.

Rich Kaufman VP Business Development

Leading the outreach effort to introduce agencies and advertisers to nationally scaled Targeted TV, Rich is an experienced media strategist with a specialty in data layering and analytics that are focused in television and video. His extensive category experience includes automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and consumer packaged goods.

Tech Development Bench

Valtech, www.valtech.com and Patagoniantech, www.patagonian.it are our valued tech partners based in Argentina. These teams provide technological solutions and back end components to drive our innovative analytics platform and media suite extensions.

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